What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?

Deborah Armstrong
3 min readApr 8, 2021
What's Your Guilty Pleasure?

I Have a Confession to Make

I’ve developed a guilty pleasure while working in my office. I have a flat-screen tv that is on most of the time to provide white noise. This past month, I’ve rediscovered Parking Wars. https://youtu.be/fkEehvpxiIE. It’s a 3o minute show that follows parking enforcement, tow truck drivers, and the drivers who have to claim their vehicles once they’ve been impounded. The cities showcased are in the United States. Philadelphia and Detroit are two of the cities that come to mind.

What’s the reasoning behind my guilty pleasure?

What is the attraction? There’s nothing exciting about getting a ticket. I think we can all agree that we hate to get a ticket whether it’s for speeding or illegal parking. It’s the abuse that the enforcement officers put up with from people who get ticketed that attracts me. Not everyone is verbally abused, but many are sworn at, insulted, spat at, and sometimes physically threatened. All over a parking ticket. It also shows drivers with a sense of entitlement who don’t take responsibility for their driving or their cars whether they own them or they are borrowed. Parking Wars is an educational glimpse at what I hope is a small section of society.

Parking tickets

Here’s My Excuse

Is my guilty pleasure research for my writing? I have to admit that some of the parking enforcement officers have character traits that would be great for a romance novel. I like the sass while smiling that some of the women have. They need it to put up with the rude comments hurled their way. There’s one woman who has to make a quick purchase of hair spray to keep her hair looking good while she makes her rounds. I don’t think anything could flatten her hair-do. The male officers are always polite and respectful. They have a sense of humour, too, and take pride in their job.

Do you have a guilty pleasure? Is it a reality-based television show or a soap opera? Is your guilty pleasure chocolate or ice cream? I invite you to share it with me. Maybe I’ll admit to another one or two.

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